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I’ve posted below the great story Mel sent to Head Office earlier this year. It’s a perfect opener for your posting place in Jacki’s Blog.

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I’m happy to say that I returned to Jacki’s Aerobic Dancing after an absence of 15 years; previously attending classes at Epping. I stopped dancing when I became newly married.

What inspired my return to Jacki’s Aerobic Dancing after such a long hiatus was seeing the movie, ‘Burlesque’.  After viewing the cheesy chick flick, I realised that I loved to dance and had been away from doing something creative and active for too long.  Who could have guessed that Christina Aguilera would be so inspiring!

I have since joined the Saturday morning group at East Ryde and have thoroughly enjoyed my reacquantaince with, not only the way dance and movement makes my body feel, but also some of the original attendees from the previous Epping class a very pleasant surprise!

After an absence of over a decade, it’s true that the songs are more Justin Timberlake and Taio Cruz than Rod Stewart or Bryan Adams and the instructors wear microphones to ensure that they are clearly amplified throughout the dances – all very modern!

However, what hasn’t changed is the buzz I get from mastering a new routine while using dance movement to sculpt and tone my body.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my return to Jacki’s Aerobic Dancing and I’m sure that it will continue for many years to come.

Mel Krenmayr

April 2011

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