How aerobic dancing benefits your fitness now!

Fitness isn’t instantaneous, but you need to make a start. The biggest problem is finding something you can commit to with the discipline that gets results. Congratulations! You’ve already done that. By joining Jacki’s Aerobic Dancing, you’ve found, like thousands of others, that coming to class is a joy because Jacki’s program is FUN. That’s why some of you have been coming continuously since classes opened in Sydney in 1981.

If you’re new to exercise it will take a while to build your fitness, but that started from Day 1 in your Jacki’s class. You’ve discovered what a great stress-buster Jacki’s program is. No matter how bad your day has been, you feel great during and after class. This carries over into your everyday life, so your eating, drinking and sleeping habits may have improved. As you continue to come to class, Jacki’s whole-body workout gives you more energy, burns fat, improves your self-image and esteem, tones and strengthens your muscles, improves your bone density and increases your cardiovascular fitness all while you’re having so much fun you don’t realise you’re exercising.

For fitness to deliver lasting health benefits, it needs to become part of your daily life. That’s easy when you love your workout. Those of you who’ve danced with us for a while (some for over 31 years!) have continued to build and maintain your fitness with Jacki’s choreographed floorwork, VertifirmTM body sculpting, stretching, and cardio-working aerobic dances.

So no matter where you are on your fitness journey – newie or veteran – Jacki’s Aerobic Dancing is building your fitness now!

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