Q. What do I need for class?

Appropriate footwear: This is very important. Indoor aerobic shoes, tennis shoes and cross trainers are best because they are designed for foot movement in all directions. Joggers or other athletic shoes are okay for beginners.

Comfortable clothes: clothing that allows you to move without restriction: leotards, tights, shorts, T shirts, bike/tracksuit pants, etc.

A mat or a thick beach towel: for the floorwork segment of the class. We have very nice purpose-made (Australian made) mats for sale at class if you want one. They're thick, comfortable foam covered with cotton material on the side you lie on and sturdy vinyl on the reverse side. The mats fold in half and have handles for easy transporting.

A drink: Cool water is the best.

For your first class, an early arrival: to allow time for paper work, including the Student Enrolment Agreement, and tips from the instructor. Please allow a minimum of 15 minutes so the class can start on time.